About Xyza Savanna

Xyza Savanna encapsulates the essence of luxury.

Embodying timeless sophistication, Xyza Savanna women are bold and confident in who they are. Xyza Savanna is committed to producing high-quality luxury clothing and accessories made from only the best materials, genuine leathers and exotic leathers. We create items that are not only beautiful to look at but that have utility. Our design mood is to make things that effortlessly make a statement and turn heads.

This luxury South African brand is committed to supporting the local industry and to source its materials, whenever it is possible, from local farms and tanneries. We aim at promoting slow fashion and timeless design, as we believe that taste never goes out of style.

Xyza Bothma – Founder & CEO



To create a beautiful lifestyle, effortlessly
encapsulating art and beauty.


To curate a wardrobe full
of classic and timeless pieces.


Finding perfection in the imperfection, many of our
beautiful pieces are unique. No two pieces are the same.


Creating heirlooms that will hang in your closet
forever or be passed onto the next generation.


To create a mood, a visual feast and to bring
you pieces that make you feel the magic.


To create to inspire
and inspire to create.


To create pieces that encapsulate
the art and beauty that surrounds us.


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